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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm garvin thomas. coming up on "today in the bay." new developments in crash malaysian air flight 17. what's being recovered. and marking a tragic loss for aids advocacy and research. the bay area event preparing to pay tribute to researchers twho died on the flight. and summer showers hit the bay area. rob mayeda will let us know when and wear to expect light rain and how long it will stick around. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, everyone. 7:00 on sunday morning. thanks for making us part of
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your sunday morning. beautiful shot this morning. thanks to photo journalist kent who got up early to give us this shot from communication hill in san jose. and thanks to rob mayeda for getting up early, well, every saturday and sunday morning to give us the weather. >> well, you know it's interesting this morning. normally in july you don't see rain. over the shoulders you have clouds in san jose and right now the radar is showing you rain shors in the north bay. around napa and sonoma. going from east to west. the radar is fot being run in reverse. that's where the moisture is coming from. out of the sierra and south and east. you see a little in the tri-valley. san jose you're seeing light rain showers. tropical moisture around central and southern california. f that will bring us a few showers for the morning. we're seeing some mist included with some of that in san francisco. scattered showers and humid conditions during the day. and with the heating of the day, it could increase instability a little bit around the hill tops. we could see brief mountain
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showers. 60s right now. highs today, mid 70s, muggy with passing showers. we'll talk more about our rain totals and how the shower activity could carry over to monday's forecast, too. we'll have a look at that in the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes from now. new developments in the investigation of the downed ee malaysia airline flight 17. a separatist leader in eastern ukraine says rebels have recovered the jet liner's black boxes. they will, they say, be handed over to the international civil aviation organization. ukrainian officials say armed rebels forced emergency workers to hand over 196 bodies recovered from the the crash sirt and have loaded them to refrigerated trains. they're being takened to a rebel city nine miles away, leaving some to ask for the investigation is being compromised. more than 100 bodies are still missing. they were always accompanied by
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heavily armed rebels. many in the international community worry those pro-russian militants have removed important pieces of evidence. >> we have not had the possibility to see more of this rather large scene. >> we have the moral obligation to ensure the remains of all are recovered. >> rebel leaders tell nbc news they are removing the bodies from the crash site to this be humane. and that the plan is to keep the bod the is safe in order to return them to relatives. now more new details this morning into the crash. u.s. officials confirming russia most likely supplied the sophisticated missile launchers that may have brought down the jet liner. they add one launcher is missing
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one of of the missiles. they claim all three were driven across the ukrainian border and back to russia. ch u.s. officials suspect russian trainers working with rebel forces fired the missile or gave the command to shoot the plane down. and new reports on possible looting involving the victims of the malaysian air crash. ch dutch bank officials say looters may be using the victims' credit cards. bank officials are taking steps to prevent fraud and will reimburse the victims' families for any credit card abuse. our coverage of the story continues online at coming up on nbc nightly news tonight, a live report from the wreckage of malaysia flight 17. that as continuing evidence grows that pro-russian militants are hampering the investigation. nightly news starts at 5:30 right here on nbc bay area.
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this weekend, remembering aide experts on board flight 17. that as thousands of people are getting ready for the state's largest fund-raiser. the san francisco aids walk kicks off today in golden gate park. former international aids foundation president was one of soix six researchers on board the flight shafs shut down. they were on their way to an international aids conference in australia. he is credited with broadening the reach of anti-retro life saving drugs. organizers say they are dedicating today's events to the researchers and will be making comments and remembering the immense loss. >> there will be tributes the to the people that we've lost. play yor lee will be joining us to share his condolences about what happened and will be encouraging all the participants to go to the national aids memorial grove.
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>> there also be a moment of silence for those killed. many credit him with lowering infection rates in areas previously seeing a huge steady increase in new hiv infections. more details on the continuing fight against aids. new evidence that hiv rates in the u.s. are declaning. a new study from the journal of the american million association says the rates of hiv diagnoses have fallen by a third in the u.s. each year. the reason for the decline between 2002 and 2011 isn't clear. health experts say it could be that new infections are fewer, or that most cases have already been diagnosed. hiv is the virus that causes aids, which destroys the immune system. the world health organization estimates 35 million people globally have the virus. a grieving community gathers to remember the innocent mother killed in a police shootout.
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hundreds of mourners held a candle light vigil in stockton to remember misty. on wednesday bank robbers took her and two others hostage. she died an hour later in a police gun battle along with two suspects. her sister talked last night about the sudden void left by misty's death. >> she was a loving and caring and kind person. who never did harm to anybody. she was always there to take care of the family. it is known yet if she was killed by gunfire from police or bank robbers. police are looking for a fourth suspect who dropped the suspects off at the bank. investigators also believe the same robbers targeted the same bank in january. a car plunges into an embankment in san jose. firefighters called to the scene yesterday. ft they helped pull two people out of the vehicle. both suffered minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the car to leave the road.
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morgan hill police are warning about a phone scam making its way across the bay area. last weekend we showed you a woman who was smart enough not to fall for it. police say the scammers called potential victims about an outstanding warrant for their arrest. the victim should then deposit $750 into a prepaid debit card to clear up the matter. detectives say they got several cars on friday about the scam. law enforcement agencies never request or ask an individual to wire or send money to resolve a warrant or a fee. we have much more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, a controversial takedown caught on camera. this choke hold leads to a death. and why the wife of a smoker is getting billions of dollars from a cigarette company. ♪
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welcome back to the broadcast. 7:11 is the time. live picture this sunday morning. you notice something in the air? it's a little bit of humidity that has returned this morning. rob mayeda will be here in six minutes with your full forecast. all the details on a little rain yesterday and possibly more rain today. new this morning, hollywood is mourning the loss of a legendary television and movie star. james garner, the star of two popular television series "maverick" and "rockford files" died last night at his home in los angeles. he was also a star on the big screen, including "space cowboys" and "the notebook."
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he was 86 years old. mark will have a deeper look at the life of james garner. new video of an altercation with new york city police that led to a man's death after his arrest. . eric garner is shown on this cell phone video arguing with police before they subdue the 350-pound man for an apparent choke hold. garner is heard complaining many times in the video that he can't breathe. soon after, he suffered a heart attack and died. new york police policy prohibits the use of choke hold. he has been placed on desk duty. the city's mayor has promised a full investigation. this morning a two two-hour humanitarian truce in gaza after dozens of people were killed after a night of heavy shelling.
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reports are the cease fire did not hold. yesterday israeli forces pounded targets in gaza city and the surrounding area. bulldozers are demolishing what is said to be a web of hamas tunnel networks. but the assaults have been suffer suffocating to palestinians. in the 13 days since the start of this conflict, close to 400 palestinians and five israelis have been killed. r.j. reynolds tobacco company forced to pay $23 billion in damage for the death of a smoker one decade ago. jurors announced their verdict in a lawsuit filed by a woman whose husband died of lung cancer at age 36. they hope it serves as a message to tobacco companies to avoid
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succession. they are calling it a runway verdict and a violation of florida law. coming up, south bay farmers dealt another blow by the drought. why some can't get the water they need for their crops. and as we continue to watch the drought, we do have a slight rare chance of seeing a little more rain coming into the bay area. you see the cloudy skies right now in oakland. we'll talk about that and a chance of mountain thundershowers possible as well when we come right back.
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welcome back to the broadcast. 7:16 is the time. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge with early morning fog. the drought in california deal ls another blow to south bay
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farmers. marianne favro has a look at the impact. >> reporter: since 1957 andy has attended to his cherry, nectarine and other trees in morgan hill, relying on water from this pipeline to irrigate his 55 acres. now he can't get a drop. because of the drought, the santa clara valley water district turned off the pipeline thursday. zblf this is the first time that they've ever turned off our water for an indefinite period of time. >> reporter: quite a loss since some days he used more than 40,000 gallons for the half road lateral pipeline. now he's forced to rely on well water from a fellow farmer, but says that water could dry up any day. and he needs extra water to harvest. >> i still have peaches, nectarines and cherry. the water is critical that you have it there. enough of it and on time.
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he says he understands the district's need to conserve, but questions why some homes nearby have plenty of water to maintain lush lawns. >> our livelihood depends on having water, whereas some of these people just have it for landscaping. >> well, talking about the drought there and this is the month of july. it never rains. i guess it rained yesterday. >> climbtology is what you expect. the weather is what you get. >> rob is here to tell us about what's going on out there. >> we're seeing tropical moisture come in yesterday. and we still have the moisture streaming in, not just for today, but it could carry over perhaps to monday. so you have mostly cloudy skies, mostly misty skies. over towards san francisco right now where thest 59 degrees. san jose, 63.
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and you see the clouds around the bay area right now. and the clouds coming in from an interesting direction from the east and out of the southeast across the bay area and for the north bay, you've been seeing the showers around napa and sonoma county. and sop some of the moisture spilling from oakland to san francisco where you're seeing brief light rain. and for areas south, you're seeing scattered showers this morning. so the monsoon moisture from the desert southwesz. an interesting movement for the clouds that we're really not used to in the bay area. an interesting wave from arizona lifting off to the north. pushing moisture towards the bay area. that spreads its way into the early afternoon. you'll see showers more widespread around midday. so the the showers continuing in the forecast for today. we could see some areas around the hill tops, picking up
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significant showers, perhaps around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. you can see on the future cast, light showers at times for the mornings. but watch the areas south of san jose on the central coast. you could see thunderstorms by mid afternoon. notice how late this is running into monday morning. showers in the east bay hills, and as the winds aloft switch southwesterly, late monday is the time the monsoon moisture heads off towards the east. so the rainfall projections here actually pretty interesting. you can see for parts of the east bay, most of it coming in for monday morning now. you can see the totals ratcheting up towards walnut creek. that and santa rosa picking up .500 an inch of rain. this means more than the brief to make things messy for your car wash type rain. m and the backdrop here is as we go into july, this is the driest
7:21 am
month of the calendar year. for places like this year, normally you don't have rainfall. it dund look like that will be the case given the moisture of the south. that's good news. today in san jose, around 76 degrees. and for the aids walk in san francisco, we'll be looking at temperatures in the mid 60s. comfortable but damp with the mist that we're seeing this morning and still a slight chance of seeing showers, and into the north bay and tri-valley, the chances of showers lingering now for a couple more days. mid 70s with variable clouds and showers. possibly lasting to monday. but a big switch in the pattern. you'll see high pressure building in and 90s coming back. that's the reality check in the forecast as the heat comes back.
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now more tropical moisture bringing us showers your way. is it cheaper to get around? we'll take it for a road test. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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the turf war continues in san francisco and across the world. ride sharing services rapidly taking riders for traditional taxis. they recently announced they would slash prices by 25%, but has it happened? and how much cheaper is it than a regular cab? sam brock takes us on a ride in this morning's reality check. san francisco's transportation network is not your grandfather's grid. the old guard of buses, bikers and traditional taxis is
7:25 am
starting to give way to a new breed of ride sharing upstarts like uber, which has tech crunch recently reported is waging war on bay area taxis with a 25% price cut. are they slashing prices to get rid of taxis? >> we want to provide the best value at the best price point we possibly can. want. >> the numbers tell us uber's rides are cheaper than cabs. base rates, charge per minute and charge per mile. now uber is advertising an additional 25% drop in prices, and we wanted to gauge the gap for ourself. first, a short drive through the city. starting point, tenth and market streets. destination, franklin and chestnut. >> we're trying to get down to the marina from here. how much do you think the ride will be? >> well, about $20. >> and this proved a conservative estimate. we arrived in the marina ten minutes later with cash to spare. the bill flashed on our phone, $8.81. the driver quoted us $11.75.
7:26 am
but a 25% discount proved to be in play. the claim of price slashing is true. how does this compare to a cab fare? >> how are you, sir? i'm with nbc. >> after hailing a standard taxi back, we made the journey to 10th and market. >> not many people taking cabs, right sf. >> a lot of people take uber. >> our tab came $11.75. but that's without tip and without that 25% discount. and the price difference between the two rides becomes more apparent on longer trips. our producer requests another uber. f this time for a medium trip. from the tenderloin to the western side of golden gate park. our driver is new to the gig. >> about three weeks now. >> and he gets us where we need to go. we net a bill of $15.41 that gets downsized to just over $11.50 due to the discount. the same trip back in the cab
7:27 am
sees the meter climb higher, settling at $17.25 without tip. f at least $6 more expensive than uber. the most striking in the long trip to west oakland. that was pricey in the cab. >> whatever the meter says, plus $5 for the bridge. >> our total came to $53.05 uber's figure doesn't include a toll for crossing the bridge, $31.34. more than $20 less. the uber prices clearly lower than taxis fuel a mass transit revolution? that's what the company hopes. >> we see people telling us they've given up the cars in favor of ubering everywhere. it's so easy and convenient. >> the cost became substantially cheaper as compared to taxicabs with this new discount. about $3 on a short trip. $6 on a medium trip and $20 or more on a long one. the company warned it would put
7:28 am
serious price pressure on cabs, and that claim is true. i'm sam brock, that's today's reality check. >> still ahead on today in the bay. the crisis at the border growing by the day. we'll show you what trprotester in the bay area did to get their message across. t m and remembering a hollywood icon. . a look back at the life and career of james garner.
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7:31 am
>> not only do we have clouds coming in, a chance of showers, but the showers behaving strangely. they're coming in from east to west. ch that almost makes no sense until you realize there's an area of low pressure to the south. the moisture moving counter clockwise. so redating in from east to west over the north bay. and you can see a few scattered showers there approaching san francisco. and we did have a band of showers from morgan hill that fizzled out before it hit downtown san jose. so here's some moisture moving in out of central california and southern california today. and these little bands are going to be passing through the bay area from time to time. so we'll get sunny breaks from time to time. but also isolated showers which will carry over with the humidity into the afternoon and for the coastal hill tops, there is a chance, especially around the santa lucia range later today of seeing isolated thunder. so it's 50s, low 60s. most of the bay area upper 60s to low 70s with a chance of showers not just for today but
7:32 am
into monday as the change pattern continues. we'll let you know how much rain we're expecting in a few minuting. >> i don't remember this much humidity in the summer. >> lasting two to three days is unusual. this is usually the driest time of year. >> we turn to new developments in the investigation of the downed malaysian airlines flight 17. a separatist leader says rebels have recovered the black boxes. armed rebels forced emergency workers to hand over all 196 bodies found at the crash site and loaded them onto refriger e refrigerated trains. now some are asking if the investigation is being compromised. european observers were given more access to the site, but they were always accompanied by the heavily armed rebels. many worry the pro-russian
7:33 am
militants have removed important pieces of evidence. >> we've not had the possibility to see more of this large scene. we have observed the situation as it's been presented to us. rebel leaders tell nbc news they are removing the bodies for the crash site to be humane, and the plan is to keep the bodies safe in order to return them to relatives. new details on the crash. u.s. confirming russia most likely supplied the launchers that may have brought down the jet liners. these show three russian missile launchers in ukraine. they also claim all three were driven across the ukrainian border and back into russia. u.s. officials suspect russian trainers working with rebel
7:34 am
forces inside ukraine either fired the missile or gave the command to shoot down the plane. and new reports on looting involving the victims of the malaysian airlines crash. dutch bank officials say looters may be using the victims' credit cards. they will reimburse the victims' families for any credit card abuse. 193 of the 298 passengers who died in the crash were dutch. our coverage of this story continues on nbc bay area today at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day online at this weekend in san francisco, remembering the aids experts on board flight 17. that as thousands of people are getting ready for the largest aids fund-raiser. the san francisco aids fund-raiser kicks off today. this is one of six researchers on board the malaysian flight
7:35 am
that was shot down. the researchers were on their way to an international aids conference in australia. one also being attended by professors are from ucsf he is credited with bringing life saving drugs to third world countries. organizers say they are dedicating today's events to the researchers and will make comments and remembering the immense loss. >> there will be tributes to the people we've lost. mayor lee will join us to share his condolences about what happened. encourage participants to go to the aids memorial grove. >> there will be a moment of silence for five other researchers killed. many credit him with lowering infection rates with new hiv infections. this weekend demonstrators
7:36 am
demanded an end. some drivers honked as protesters waved anti-illegal immigration banners. some held signs calling for the president's impeachment. >> our country needs to protect our borders. if i went to any other country and entered illegally, i would face anything from jail time to death. >> this is just one of dozens of rallies held around the country. protesters marched on michigan. on friday, they met at the state house. officers arrested one protester from trespassing. he is expected to discuss the border crisis. many immigrant children and families are trying to escape the violence in those countries. los angeles police have confirmed actor james garner has died at the age of 86. nbc's mark barger has a look back at his life.
7:37 am
>> this is jim rockford. at the tone leave your name and message. f i'll get back to you. >> when he played an ex-con turned private eye, a western gambler or a small town pharmacist, james garner's laid back charm and man's man appeal won him fans in tv and in movies. >> i guess i'm just an old fashioned boy at heart. >> the oklahoma native's first notoriety came in the late '50s in "maverick." >> the only time you quit when you're winning is after you've won it all. following maverick, garner found movie success. romancing julie andrews. chatting up marlon brando, and  taking on the germans in "the great escape." >> bob said one of my problems is i make it look like it's easy. i appreciate him saying that because he knows for a fact that it does not come easy. >> but it seemed to with what many considered garner's signature role.
7:38 am
private eye jim rockford in the rockford files. >> i suppose you're here for your money. ful. >> i sure am. >> garner earned five emmy nominations as rockford, winning in 1977. you're 33? he scored an oscar nomination in 1996 as best actor for his work with sally field in "murphy's romance." >> remove your hands from the lady. >> garner returned to "maverick" in 1994, a big remake this time. he surrendered the title role to mel gibson. in recent years he continued working on film. >> full scale yaya alert. >> and on television. he has taken over the whole living room. >> one of garner's final roles was that ov a dying millionaire in the 2006 drama "the ultimate gift." in garner's case -- >> thank you, neighbor. >> reporter: acting was his gift. >> he would make people laugh. it's harder to make them senimi >> and james garner did. mark barger, nbc news. >> much more ahead on "today in
7:39 am
the bay." and the a's goes back in time and welcome back a champion. we'll show you the highlights next.
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taking a live look inside at&t park this sunday morning. if you want to see the giant's game, don't go there. they're playing in miami this morning. also heading to oakland. now there you can see a baseball game. the a's are playing -- continuing their series against baltimore this afternoon. now this october marks 25 years since the a's beat the giants in the bay bridge series. last night an emotional reunion
7:42 am
for the last a's team to win a championship. the 1989 world series champions were honored before the game. jose canseco received a long standing ovation. and once the emotions of the pregame ceremony wore off, it was all orioles. st a's lost 8-4. now to miami. the giants and marlins. after losing 11 of 16 games, san francisco appears to be back on track. they scored five early runs and captured the the third straight win, 5-3. san francisco moved back to soul possession in the national league west. still ahead, the death penalty debate. why a federal judge declared california's death row unconstitutional. how much it costs and why voters may be headed toward a repeal in
7:43 am
november. our political analyst larry gerston joins us next. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's a lot to do today. we start with no ordinary food and art festival. today in menlo park, it's the connoisseur's marketplace. saluting the best of supreme style, live jazz, r&b. a collector car showcase. unique fine arts. crafty gifts. heirloom vegetables and it's free from 10:00 to 8:00 today. and that includes the cool kid's fun zone. another festival, you'll hear about these all summer long as they rotate through the buddhist temple community. this is at the temple where i grew up. that's right. there's my aunt on stage there. these are my friends. f come and share the flavors, sounds and tradition. learn about the celebration and what it means when we dance to honor the dead and maybe win a goldfish at the carnival, which is part of it. you may also soon dance for r
7:44 am
that fish, if you know what i mean. i'll be your host for both days. come by and give me a shout. my wife is also working hard there. she's really bummed she can't take her cousin to this next event. the grease sing-a-long in san francisco. both on and off pitch, you can join friends on and off the screen and jumping off the screen to the host roll, dede kon. that's right, frenchie from the movie. dancing is encouraged. there's a costume contest. no word on anything from kiniki. to meet the rest back here tomorrow morning so we can always be together. "today in the bay."
7:45 am
7:46 am
last week ra federal judge declared california's death penalty unconstitutional because of the eighth amendment's guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment. political analyst larry gerston joins us. when you say because of the
7:47 am
violation of cruel and unusual punishment, you think one thing, but this is another, suspect it? >> oh, yeah. we think of the method of capital punishment. >> particularly for the inmates. the judge's concern is simple. he says, look, so many death row prisoners in california wait around in isolation 20 years, 25 years, sometimes more and the judge said, this isn't right they should wait so long until they are finally put to death. and here's the funny thing. ironically, garvin. and i mean ironically. this is the word. many of the delays have been the result -- the result of other u.s. supreme court decisions. still, that purgatory life existence f you will, constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. obviously for people who are opposed to the death penalty, there are many different reasons, and this was one factor in it. how does a decision like this
7:48 am
affect the public opinion in all of this? >> well, first of all we must acknowledge the huge cost here. more than 700 prisoners sit on death row in california. they have isolated housing. they're living in guardsed conditions, much more carefully than the others. and zbesz what? there's a cost. t surprise, surprise. $100,000 per inmate per year to maintain the prisoners compared to a mere $47,000 for the cheap housing for others. but because of the lengthy appeals process and other requirements, few if ever die as a result of the gas chamber or other means. meanwhile, the death row costs are huge. take a look. take a look here. and the special issues regarding incourse ration. a billion dollars.
7:49 am
appeals, $1.7 billion. and you put this down and looking at those people who have been executed, only 13 inmates, 13, 1-3, have suffered that fate since 1977. hey, that comes to $300 million per executed prisoner. one study estimates future costs between now and 2050 add another 5 to $7 million or $160 million annually with few ever executed. think of all the others there are where the money might go to use. sbl interesting. the leading cause of death on california's death row is old age. >> that's right. >> that more prisoners die of old age rather than being executed. >> by far. where do we sit in terms of how people feel about the death penalty? i think this is a moving target, too, as well.
7:50 am
we're going to see something of a change. 32 states still have the death penalty. 18 states do not. new mexico, illinois, connecticut and maryland have eliminated capital punishment in the last five years alone. you look at california and we always see the state as a bellwether for what's to come down the line. two years ago we had a ballot initiative. and the voters were asked if they should appeal capital punishment. that's a far cry from 1972 when the voters reinstated capital punishment by a whopping 68% to 32% margin. so the bottom line is not so long ago viewed capital punishment as a moral way to get even. we're even. even steven. give tennessee high costs,
7:51 am
people are now saying maybe life imprisonment without parole makes more sense given the financial price that we're paying here. >> i'm going to ask you for your prediction. if eventually death penalties on the way out in california, do you think it would be through the courts or the ballot box that finally ends it. >> it doesn't necessarily have to be either. it could be both. the courts are making it more and more difficult. people who are retarded. people who are young. people not given a certain dna test in certain cases. all these procedural things. you add them up and the hoops you run through become greater and greater. it's costing so much for so few. maybe we do life imprisonment without parole. >> thanks for clearing that up. it's always a pleasure. still much more ahead in "today in the bay."
7:52 am
getting up close and personal with nature. f hump back whales get within feet of surfers and boaters. and we're showing you sunny breaks and tropical moisture. we could see more showers as part of your sunday forecast. a look at that when they come back.
7:53 am
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good sunday morning to you. we're watching fog and mist across the golden gate bridge, which is typical view from july. what's unusual is the subtropical moisture. the mid and high level clouds in san jose with a few sunny breaks and it's this moisture from the east that will bring us the chance of seeing more showers and possibly mountain thundershowers in the coastal range. that moisture is moving from east to west. you're seeing it there across the north bay. seeing the showers around napa and sonoma.
7:55 am
counter clock wise flow pressure to the south and east. oakland and berkeley, you're seeing a passing shower there off to the west. san jose catching a bit of a break with sunny breaks to the east. we will see, though, more clouds spilling in through the afternoon. the chances of rain today, it's an unusual pattern for us. but to have it rotate in off the sierra or out of central california and move towards the bay area. rotating around a ridge of high pressure to the east is pumping in moisture throughout the day today. and even though we will have sunny breaks at times, and temperatures in the 70s to 80 degrees inland as the moisture comes out of the south, the chances of showers will continue. mainly light rain and showers. mostly cloudy skies and watching out for heavy showers. and now into monday, we're still seeing showers towards the
7:56 am
diablo range and that will continue to the afternoon before upper level winds shift from the southwest. that should finally push monsoon moisture away from the south bay area. that doesn't look like it will happen until monday afternoon. but perhaps enough to measure in rain gauges for the east bay hills and along the coastal range and east of san jose between now and 5:00 on monday evening. rare july rainfall perhaps measuring up in rain buckets through tomorrow afternoon. so july is a dry month for the bay area. typically we don't get rain until the start of fall. so this is bonus round coverage if we could manage a few extra rain drops. 76 in san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco and oakland. we have an early start to the a's game. maybe a passing shower or two. the trend, once he gets past today and tomorrow, showers
7:57 am
start to move on. temperatures begin to rise. high pressure will build back in, which means temperatures will climb up back to the 90s around livermore by thursday. l. >> garvin, thank you very much. unusually warm weather and anchovi buffet are bringing in hump back whales. they were swimming in circles around kayakers and tour boats near moss landing harbor. they are the size of a greyhound bus and can eat tens of thousands of anchovis in one gulp. >> they were everywhere. the closest is one came up right by the boat. it was rool cool. we could smell the whale's breath. >> the whales are expected to hang around through tonight. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. we'll have more of your local news at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and
7:58 am
all day on have a terrific sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
the crisis with russia over the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. strong reaction this morning from the obama administration as russian-backed rebels take the outrageous step of removing bodies from the website. how will the u.s. force president putin to cooperate. war in the middle east after a failed peace push by the obama white house. i'll ask secretary of state john kerry if the president's foreign policy vision is up to all of these global tasks. later, the blow to aids research. some of the world's top experts killed in the malaysia airlines disaster.


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